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National Throw a Sickie Day

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

So statistically, according to a news report today, 3rd of February is the most likely day of the year to throw a #Sickie. In another news report, I heard that millions in the UK last year took days off because they didn't like their job. My thoughts on sick days, if you're not actually sick is that there's something not right at work. Managers if you have a high absence rate, do you think "oh there's something wrong with our work environment" or do you blame your staff for being "lazy". Truth is, its hard to love our jobs sometimes. But if we're valued, respected and motivated then the thought of "throwing a sickie" would never cross our minds. Find a job that you respect enough not to throw a Sickie, and managers develop an environment/culture where the thought of a throwing a sickie doesn't exist. #respectyourwork #jobsatisfaction #worklife #work #antaeducation

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