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get your green cscs card

Acquiring your green labourers CSCS card involves 4 stages

Stage 1: Study Health & Safety in Construction
Stage 2: Complete a Level 1 Health & Safety in Construction qualification and score 32 out of 40 on your exam. 

Stage 3: Book and attend your local CITB Pearson Centre to complete CITB HS&E test, scoring over 45 out of 50 to pass. (Must be booked directly with CITB costing £22.50 directly paid to CITB)

Stage 4: Pay for and order your Green Labourers Card. (Cards are ordered directly to CSCS costing £36 payable directly to CSCS online

Green CSCS Card Telford.png

ORDER your CSCS pack NOW

Before taking your CITB exam and applying for your card it's advisable that you complete
 Level 1 qualification in Health and Safety in a construction environment. 

If you're an experienced labourer

If you're new to the construction industry
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 If you have already passed your qualifications and you've found our website looking to order your CSCS card. You will need to go to the official CSCS website, but please do contact us for help. 

Please complete this form to contact us with any general enquiries regarding CSCS card training. 

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