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Micro-Teaching in your job interview

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

In Education it's standard practice for the employer to ask candidates to provide a micro-teach as part of their interview process. Even if you are an experienced teacher, you might find this practice daunting. After all, interviews are scary enough without adding any kind of presentation to it. I've been in interviews where the employer has asked the candidate to tell a joke, or even sing a song. In these cases it wasn't the quality of the joke or the singing that the employer was testing, it was the ability to adapt and cope under pressure. The micro teach is similar in many ways.

The 2 main things to consider when you're preparing for a micro teach are:

1: Has the employer asked you to cover a specific subject or question?

If the employer has asked, in preparation for the interview, for you to prepare a micro-teach on a certain subject you can virtually guarantee that your subject knowledge, as well as your delivery is being assessed. When preparing yourself for your interview, it's good practice to look at the types of qualifications that the training provider/college delivers. Familiarize yourself with the awarding bodies and take a look at qualification specifications that are generally available on line for free. Use this information within your micro-teach. Especially if the qualification is new to you, but even if you've been delivering a qual for a while. Honestly when was the last time you looked through the full awarding criteria?.

All of this will help build your confidence in the interview, and give you every chance to show your knowledge on the subject matter.

2: How do I best engage with the interview panel.

Remember it is a micro "Teach", not a presentation and death by PowerPoint. The best teachers engage with their learners and spark learners enthusiasm. Some of the best Micro-teaching I've seen has included activities that involve the interview panel. This takes confidence, but if you want to come across as confident in your ability, getting the interview panel involved is a great way to do it. Teachers should never work harder than their students, so you're micro teach should show your ability to manage the time, class and resources to the best of your ability.

A micro teach is a key part to all of our teaching qualifications, as part of the overall assessment. We offer Highfield Level 1 award in Delivering Training (15GLH) for those entering the industry or looking for CPD. Along with Highfield Level 3 Award in Education & Training (50GLH) for those entering the education sector. Both Qualifications are available nationwide as remote courses. Level 3 award in Delivering Training = £250 plus vat Level 3 award in Education and Training = £350 plus vat

For more detail and to order online please go to our Teaching Qualifications page

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ANTA Education. Micro Teach in a job interview


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I need samples on how to start a micro teaching interview, how will my plan look like what comes first and what follows

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