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Building a Stronger Future: The Importance of Women in Construction

There are several reasons why women are attracted to the construction industry. For some, it offers the opportunity to work with their hands and be involved in creating something new. For others, it provides a chance to work in a challenging and dynamic environment where every day is different. Whatever their reasons for pursuing a career in construction, women are proving to be just as skilled and capable as their male counterparts.

One of the challenges that women face in the construction industry is overcoming the stereotypes and biases that have historically been associated with the sector.

Despite the challenges, women in construction are making significant contributions to the industry. They are bringing new perspectives and ideas to the table, and their presence is helping to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Women are also taking on leadership roles in construction companies, and their management skills are helping to improve efficiency and productivity.

With only 15% of the construction workforce being women, we want to help re-dress the balance and promote gender equality in construction. To do this we’re proposing to run some women only CSCS card courses which are also led by CITB qualified female tutors.

The aim is to give women a safe and inclusive environment to learn in, where the other participants and tutors can relate to the unique challenges women face in an industry where they’re currently underrepresented.

If you’d be interested in attending one of our Women in Construction courses we’d love to hear from you.

Email for more information.

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