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ANTA Education Empowers Job Seekers in Telford: Over 300 Individuals Obtain CSCS Cards Through Funded Training

ANTA Education, based in Telford, is making waves in the community by providing crucial support to job seekers. In a significant achievement, the organization has assisted over 300 individuals in acquiring CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards through funded training programs. This accomplishment marks a pivotal step in enhancing employability within the construction sector and bolstering workforce development in the region.

The CSCS card serves as a fundamental credential in the construction industry, signifying that holders possess the necessary skills and qualifications to undertake tasks safely and proficiently. Recognizing the importance of this certification, ANTA Education has dedicated efforts to ensure that job seekers have access to the training required to obtain their CSCS cards.

However, ANTA Education's impact extends beyond simply facilitating certification. The organization goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive wrap-around support service aimed at addressing various barriers faced by job seekers. This holistic approach encompasses not only technical training but also focuses on building confidence, addressing social challenges, and tackling economic obstacles that may hinder individuals' pathways to employment.

Through tailored support services, ANTA Education strives to empower learners and equip them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the job market. Recognizing that confidence plays a pivotal role in job search and career advancement, the organization provides personalized coaching and mentoring to help individuals overcome self-doubt and unleash their full potential.

Moreover, ANTA Education acknowledges the social and economic factors that can impact employability. By offering additional support services, such as assistance with CV writing, interview preparation, and financial literacy training, the organization aims to address these barriers comprehensively. This approach not only enhances job seekers' skills but also equips them with the tools and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the job market successfully.

Managing Director Craig Howard said “We’ve prioritised securing funding that supports job seekers acquire CSCS cards in Shropshire for 2 years and there are still people out there that need our help. Although some might see health and safety as a basic qualification, it’s often barriers outside of learning that need support. Our team are fantastic at adding that extra bit encouragement where needed. The belief in our learners that often isn’t available elsewhere to boost confidence, to help focus and to achieve where they never thought they couldn’t before. It’s the individual stories that make us most proud and all of our learners have their own story that they should be proud of.          

“We’ve been very lucky to work with many partners to ensure flexible funding over the past few years, but we’re always looking to offer more support where we can to make the biggest impact in our community”.     


ANTA Education continues to offer free training opportunities within Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire council area through various funding streams. To check your eligibility for funding please contact us

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