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Who doesn’t need a CSCS card?

It’s a common misconception that every single person on a construction site needs to have a CSCS card. Here we break down who needs what to provide clarity for both employers and workers in the industry.

Who does need a card?

Construction Workers

CSCS cards are essential for most construction workers, including bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, and other skilled tradespeople. These individuals must possess the necessary qualifications and pass the Health, Safety and Environment Test, specific to their trade, to obtain a CSCS card. The card serves as proof of their competence and knowledge of health and safety practices on construction sites.

Site Supervisors and Managers

Individuals in supervisory roles, such as site supervisors, foremen, and project managers, should also hold a CSCS card. They play a crucial role in overseeing and managing construction activities, and their possession of a CSCS card ensures that they have the required technical knowledge and understanding of health and safety regulations.


While CSCS cards are not mandatory for general labourers, having a card can significantly enhance their employability and demonstrate their commitment to safety on construction sites. The CSCS Green Card, known as the Labourer Card, is available for those who wish to pursue it. It is worth noting that some construction companies may require all workers, including labourers, to hold a CSCS card as a standard practice.

Skilled Workers in Non-Construction Roles

Some individuals working in non-construction roles on a construction site may require a CSCS card. For instance, tradespeople involved in technical tasks, such as lift engineers, scaffolders, and plant operators, should hold a CSCS card that corresponds to their specific trade.

Who is exempt?

Visitors and Delivery Personnel

Visitors and delivery personnel who have limited interaction with the construction site and do not engage in construction-related tasks generally do not require a CSCS card. However, they should still adhere to site-specific safety protocols and be accompanied by authorized personnel while on site.

Professionals Providing Consultancy Services

Professionals, such as architects, surveyors, engineers, and other consultants, typically do not need a CSCS card to access construction sites. However, they should have their professional qualifications and memberships verified by their respective industry bodies.

You can find a full list of all exempt roles by clicking HERE.

If you’re somebody who does require a CSCS card for your job role and would like to find out how we can help you obtain it, head to

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