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The only way is up for newly certified James!

After finishing college in 2019 James struggled to find employment. For the last three years he’d been receiving support from Landau Limited to work on his communication skills, with James being described as a selective mute.

After he expressed an interest in Forklift Truck driving, Landau referred James to ANTA as they believed he would benefit from our BBO (Building Better Opportunities) programme. ANTA arranged a Forklift taster day for James through our connections at Dulson Training. James’ mother described how much he came out of his shell that day, saying she’d never seen him so engaged and energised.

James used the IT facilities at ANTA to complete his online learning ahead of his theory test. After successfully passing this, he undertook the practical test to gain his Forklift Truck licence and was smiling and chatting throughout!

We’ve since spoken to a fantastic employer who has offered James supported work experience with a view to a job opportunity going forward!

James’ mother Jenny said “We’ve only been working with ANTA a short time but they have helped so much! We’ve had so much support and are now looking forward to a brighter future!” In fact Jenny has decided to join the programme herself and start her journey back into employment!

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