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Celebrating four years of ANTA Education

21 August 2023 marks four years since ANTA Education Limited was first incorporated!

Managing Director Craig Howard says,

“Four years ago, I was sitting at home just coming out of depression having had the worst 12 months of my life and leaving a job that I loved (the best job I've ever had...until this one). I didn't know it yet but I was smack in the middle of a couple of the worst years of my personal life.... and I started a business.

"I never had a clear business plan, I didn't start with any immediate contracts, or money in the bank. All I had was an idea. An idea that obviously didn't involve a pandemic from month 6 to month 30!!

"But the idea seems to have worked. I've taken on staff, moved out of the home office, grown my network and built an idea that works. An idea that works as long as I'm here doing it!

"If there's one thing I've learned in 4 years it's to keep going. Giving up is often the easiest option. No matter how painful, no matter how uncomfortable, no matter how many people let you down. If you know what you're doing is right, then just keep going!!

"In an industry that is struggling thanks to numerous challenges. I'm pleased that we'll be announcing that we've won a new contract to support job seekers very soon.

"The future is always uncertain, it always has been. Change is the only constant and we need to be prepared to adapt. But whatever comes in the next 12 months, we'll be here to face it..

"Thank you as ever to every single person who has supported me in this #ANTA idea. Your advice, your guidance, your social media likes and everything you've given means the absolute world to me and I don't want to stop!

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