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Lewis is laying the foundations for a new career

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Lewis had been out of work for six months before joining our traineeship. With a baby on the way he had a big incentive to upskill and get working in order to provide for his new family.

He had a strong work ethic from the start, always attending sessions on time and being a big team player. He completed his work experience labouring on a construction site with Lovells and said he was able to undertake a variety of activities which gave him a real feel for working in the industry.

He also faced the additional challenge of being dyslexic and has been using our coloured plastic overlays to make reading easier for him during the traineeship. When it came to undertaking his final exam in an external test centre he was supposed to have a voice over reading the questions to him to aid him, but due to a technical error this didn’t happen and he still managed to pass his exam without the additional support!

Some of Lewis' bricklaying during his work experience

He aced his CITB exam and is now the proud owner of his very own CSCS card which opens him up to multiple employment opportunities.

As well as the construction qualification side of the course, Lewis was also able to improve his maths, English and employability skills, ensuring by the end of the traineeship he was 100% work ready.

So what’s next for Lewis? He's managed to secure a Property Maintenance apprenticeship via SBC Training with a local employer, so his new career starts now!

In his own words, “The traineeship has enabled me to gain the skills I need to get meaningful employment that will allow me to support my family. Thank you for making that possible for me.”

To find out more about the different ways we can support you in getting your CSCS card, click HERE.

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