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Building a Better Future: Jack's Journey

For the last 8 weeks we've been working with a group of young people who enrolled on our Construction Traineeship course. As well as being able to gain their Labourers CSCS cards, they've had hands on work experience, improved their English and maths and their overall employability skills. Here we meet Jack, one of our participants who has gone from strength to strength during the programme.


Prior to joining the traineeship Jack had been unemployed for two months. He’d had an ambition since he was younger to run his own business and have his own van with his name on the side.

With a young family to support, he joined the traineeship on advice from the Job Centre. After failing his Health & Safety in Construction exam first time round, his confidence was at rock bottom, and he was unsure whether to continue with the programme.

However since then he’s not only gained his CSCS card, he’s developed his employability skills and undertaken a week’s work experience with Lovell Homes. Of his work experience, Jack said,

“It was amazing, the best work experience I’ve ever had. I want to get into carpentry and I was cladding houses, measuring materials and cleaning the site. Everyone on site gave me a warm welcome, and I loved it so much I wanted to go back and do an extra week!”

Jack (far right) with some of his fellow traineeships participants

Now with his CSCS card in hand, he has been able to gain employment with McPhillips who are looking to upskill him even further. Along with passing his driving test he quite literally is going places!

Jack said “If it wasn’t for ANTA I probably would have given up completely on my career. Coming here has made my dreams feel achievable. Not only that, my reading and writing has improved massively as well as my confidence”.

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help you or your employees gain their CSCS cards, click HERE.

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