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 Thank you so much for letting me know of the above qualification, which I think is amazing and would very much like to embark on the course. Given my own experiences of depression and anxiety - I have noticed and appreciate there has been an increased awareness of mental health!   During this time of the covid virus particularly I feel many are becoming very self-aware of how they feel and become affected  gaining more of an insight/relatability! The resources, and teaching format for the course is brilliant, and absolutely worth the money

 Thank you so much for delivering such an interesting and informative course . It was interesting and you bought the subject to life with your own anecdotes and by involving the group

Thank you very much for  allowing me to take part in the course this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt very comfortable with the whole group. It is the most comfortable I have ever felt on a training course and I found it to be very valuable

I'd like to thank ANTA for delivering an excellent Mental Health course. Having struggled with my own mental health issues I wanted to learn more on the about Mental health and put it to good use by giving something back myself by trying to help people struggling with their mental health.
I was unsure at first whether the course would be for me but the course proved to be a great starting point. An excellent teaching format which was always interesting and informative.
Mark was an excellent tutor and really brought the course to life getting the group involved and talking.
I cannot recommend this course highly enough.
It was a great incentive which has now led me to doing voluntary work with MIND helping on zoom meeting sessions, which I am finding rewarding and interesting.
I have now started the ANTA level 3 course which I am also finding to be excellent.
What makes everything even better is that the ANTA guys are all really nice, helpful people and I feel they have helped me personally to move forward for which I am very grateful.


I have spoken to both LT and MH – they both thoroughly enjoyed the course. Their feedback was - that Mark is an excellent tutor – made the content interesting, relaxed and easy to understand. Louise is very grateful that Mark is going to transfer the content from the slides (which he ordinarily sends after the course) into word for herself and M to they can read again for reference.


L is going to give you a ring tomorrow to arrange putting plans in place to take the exam. 


Thank you for your support with this.

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