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Highfield Level 1 Award in Health and Wellbeing (RQF)

The objective of this qualification is to prepare learners to progress to a qualification in another subject area and/or to give learners personal growth and engagement in learning.

This is a knowledge-only qualification that provides underpinning knowledge and understanding in relation to health, wellbeing, and personal safety. The qualification can be taken by learners preparing to enter employment or by those who are already in employment. Topics covered include: the benefits of staying fit and healthy, knowing the effects of alcohol consumption, how to find support and advice on mental health, knowing the importance of maintaining a work-life balance and the importance of personal safety.


The qualification can be taken as stand-alone or as part of a wider programme of training and is available to learners aged 14+.


How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

The total qualification time for this qualification is 16 hours, of which 13 are recommended as guided learning hours.

TQT is an estimate of the total number of hours it would take an average learner to achieve and demonstrate the necessary level of attainment to be awarded with a qualification, both under direct supervision (forming guided learning hours) and without supervision (all other time). TQT and GLH values are advisory and assigned to a qualification as guidance.


How is the qualification assessed?

The qualification is assessed through the completion of a portfolio of evidence that will also be internally quality assured by the centre.

The qualification can also be assessed using the Highfield resource, which centres can purchase separately.


What next?

Learners successfully completing this qualification may wish to progress onto further qualifications, such as:

  • Highfield Level 2 Award in Health Food and Special Diets (RQF)

  • Any apprenticeship


Where can this course be taken?


Qualification Number:  603/6453/1           Credit Value:  2


Contact ANTA Education 

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