Become an Assessor in Further Education.

#didyouknow? That you don't always have to have a teaching or assessing qualification to start educating new apprentices. Many training providers will offer on the job teacher training and qualifications and will consider (desperately need) individuals who have up to date technical experience. Industry knowledge is needed within #engineering, #construction and many other disciplines, to help educate new apprentices into the industry. If we're being honest, the salary isn't always better, but sometimes it can be. But the value of making a difference, of educating a new generation and generally working 9-5 Monday to Friday, can also be an incentive to change careers. We have live vacancies now that can help if you're looking for a new opportunity. For more information on how we ANTA Education Recruitment can help change your career and help educate a new generate, please get in touch.

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