Mental health leadership apprenticeship programme

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Apprenticeship Mental Health Support

Starting a new job has its own effects on an individual’s mental health. From anxiety caused by new processes, environments, people, and responsibilities. To stress caused by lack of confidence and understanding where to go when there are problems.

All of us suffer from similar anxieties but as an apprentice, their situation is quite niche. Many coming straight from an academic environment, the new world of work has its own mental health barriers. But starting an apprenticeship at any age can raise several questions which all training providers try to address at initial engagement as well as ongoing learner support.

However, to highlight the specific effects that an apprenticeship has on an individual’s mental health, ANTA education have developed a support package that fits in with a learners key responsibilities, giving them a platform to understand and improve their mental health awareness.

The Platform

Each learner will be given access to group workshops, covering key topics, such as stress, anxiety and how to manage their mental health. Group workshops will be available once a month for learners to join in via zoom, lasting 2 hours. The group will offer a platform to engage with other apprentices with similar experience and offer an open, supportive environment to understand their own mental health, the mental health of those around them, and how mental ill health can affect home and work life.

In addition to the groups, each month all learners will have access to a one to one session, either over the phone or via zoom. To help us understand the learner, their barriers and how we can support them with additional mental health training moving forward.

Cost and process

When each learner is enrolled on their apprenticeship, they will also be enrolled onto our Mental Health Support programme. For the first 3 months of their apprenticeship, each learner will have access to the following resources:

  • One to one support with their Mental Health tutor

  • Invitations to join in a mental health workshop each month. Every month focusing on a different topic within Mental Health.

  • The opportunity to complete, level 2 accredited mental health awareness qualification.

Cost per learner enrolling on to this programme.

£300 plus VAT.