functional skills support for apprentices

ANTA Education offers functional skills delivery to support learners as part of their apprenticeship onboarding process for partner apprenticeship training providers.  

We provide a service which supports our partner learners to complete both English and Maths functional skills aims as follows:


  1. After initial assessment completed by the apprenticeship provider, we will review and analyze Skills Forward results and identify gaps in learning

  2. To complete an initial session with the learner to confirm judgements and draws up a teaching and learning plan.

  3. Based on the agreed learning plan. ANTA Education will provider up to 4 hours per week of learning. Including one to one support via zoom/teams, paper-based assignments, distance learning support and IAG.  

  4. ANTA Education will work closely with our apprenticeship partner team to identify gaps in learning for English & Maths to prioritize content, arrange practice exams and agree the best support for each learner.

  5. ANTA will take a flexible approach to delivery where possible. To align ourselves with the support that each learner and employer needs.


We see this opportunity as a partnership that prioritizes the learner’s journey. Developing our joint offer to attract more learners and employers to work with us. Initially we are happy to act as “external tutors” and complete any inhouse induction that is required to become part of the team. However we request open communication, as the demands of both businesses change.


Cost and Payment

We see this as a key opportunity to develop a new partnership with apprenticeship providers and to create a competitive customer offer for ANTA Education. However, costs and cash flow are an essential part to any business to survive. We appreciate that the responsibilities of the functional skills delivery are split between both companies. We're happy to discuss how we split responsibility and funding on request. 


If you are an apprenticeship training provider and you would like to hear more about our functional skills support please get in touch